Monday, March 23, 2009

Some random thoughts as I get back into blogging

I think it's really sad about Natasha Richardson...really really sad. I know it's old news already, but...still. So sad.

I'm totally digging "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa. Why??? Why why why???????? It's

I'm having a hard time getting back into the work swing of things. Yes, I know I said I was totally ready to go back...but that all ended the moment my alarm went off this morning.

I'm excited to run 2 miles again this afternoon with Mr. Smith!!!!

I'd really love to go on a vacation somewhere warm.

I love my dog.

Well...I'm clearly reaching here, so I'll end this. Please tell me that someone else's life is interesting right now?

In other some killer new clothes this past week at the Edinburgh outlets! Thanks, Mom! Can't wait to wear them. Now I'm just searching for the perfect spring coat/jacket. Any suggestions? My only stipulation is that I DO NOT want 3/4 length sleeves. I want full-length sleeves. Help?


bianca said...

I am way into Lady Gaga. I felt super guilty about it at first...but I just love her. Her songs are totally catchy and I can't help but dance when I hear them. And dancing is exercise which is good...right?

Lucky in Love said...

I LOVE Edinburgh! I haven't been there in so long. I hope you got some great stuff!

Jackie said...

I love Just Dance too!

kilax said...

The Natasha Richardson news totally shocked me. And I felt so sad for her family. I think the fact that her husband is an actor made it harder for me. Especially since he has played a character mourning the death of his wife in Love Actually.

I am into that song too. I think it would be a good running song!

Jenn said...

lady gaga is the best. i actually like "poker face" better than "just dance." I think it was a music monday song i posted awhile back. also - for a perfect spring coat, you need a belted trench. they have cute ones at GAP (or they did awhile back) and they have the CUTEST raincoats at Lands End which is a store i never go into but happened to go into the other day. very impressed!