Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday randoms

Oops...I decided to wear my hair curly today, which I haven't done in PUBLIC since I cut off all my hair. In the privacy of my own home, I started thinking it looked cute. So I left the house today without drying my hair. It was pouring rain. I now think it looks like a frizzy pile of crap on my head. Good thing it's a paperwork day. OH WAIT...I have an advisory committee meeting. Damn it.

After following John Mayer on Twitter for the last 12 hours or so...I reverse yesterday's viewpoint and now completely see why Jennifer Aniston cut things off. He is crazy, and he really does seem to be on Twitter ALL. THE. TIME.

Tomorrow night I have my orientation for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I'm so excited! I got word from the office yesterday that my background checks/reference checks are complete, and my case will now be transferred to a case worker who will start the matching process!!!! I'm super excited - I can't wait to get my Little!

Tomorrow during the day, I get to go to the Governor's Luncheon here in Bloomington and meet the governor of Indiana. I have a super duper outfit planned - almost all new clothes, of course! From the J.Crew outlet, I got the perfect navy pencil skirt with a couple of gorgeous navy and gold buttons on it. I will wear a crisp new white button down tucked in, some gold earrings, and my yellow Kate Spade pumps. That seems...governor-like enough, right?

Oops again...just noticed that the manicure I got last Thursday now looks like shit. I've been trying to drag it out as long as possible...but I may have to get rid of it tonight. Sigh.

Remember how good I was, before spring break, about getting up early and working out? Well, that time has passed, ladies, and I don't know how to get it back. I could barely get out of bed this morning - after sleeping more than 7 hours! It took enough effort just to drag myself into the shower, let alone attempt any Jillian Michaels. My plan has been to do Jillian in the morning Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, since Mr. Smith and I run MWF. But...I can't wake up. Yesterday morning...I felt so crappy, tired, and just generally blech that I slept in an extra hour. Any advice for how to, you know, get my groove back?

Okay, time to run and work on this blasted work spreadsheet. Send me some love. Happy hump day!


A. said...

Your outfit sounds perfect! Very gubernatorial!

brown eyed girl said...

You are so fashionably cute!

Get some rest and let yourself do what your body needs to do - it's alright! :)

Mel said...

I love any good reason to dress up.

I signed up for bbbs but they never called me back. From my understanding the LA chapter is not so organized and I have heard the same thing from other friends. Now I've joined JL.

Jenn said...

i WARNED you about john mayer's obsessive twittering! isn't he nuts? not nearly as bad as P.Diddy though. Seriously follow him at "iamdiddy." he has pretty much the worst case of ADD ever. :) also - you can DO IT with the workouts. think about how good you felt about yourself AFTER you did them. need someone to call you in the morning and motivate you? it could be arranged - i'm up early for work! :)

Playful Professional said...

Do you think it's actually John Mayer on there all the time or some publicist or something that thinks it'll make him more popular? Kind of crazy.

MissBliss said...

Cute outfit! Hope it was fun. I had the best big sis ever in cincinnati as a teen. She was super patient and loyal, totally hung in there and we are still in touch! You can make an amazing impact on a little's life...