Friday, March 6, 2009

A Perfect Friday!

Don't you just love Fridays? I know I do. I love the anticipation of the weekend...just knowing that I can relax and enjoy myself!

Yesterday I mentioned coming home and going for a run. No, it didn't happen, and I was a little disappointed in myself. But even more disappointed when I decided to shut off my alarm this morning and choose to sleep in, in lieu of Jillian Michaels.

Fridays are relatively slow for me at work - the students on my caseload pretty much all have issues with habitual truancy. And none of them come to school on Fridays; much like myself, they enjoy a nice 3 day weekend. I usually leave a bit early on Fridays because of this lack of activity.

I walked out of the school and discovered that it was almost 70 degrees! Wow. Absolutely gorgeous. After some quick errands (Target and Kroger, natch), I came home and told Mr. Smith that I wanted to go for a run.

Remember how I've been wanting a running partner? Well, it turns out that I've got one! My husband. He is a pretty big runner - he enjoys it and he runs about three miles, three days a week. Despite having already run today, he decided to go with me. We ran a loop around our neighborhood together - something I could have never done by myself. He really does a great job of pushing me without pissing me off. :).

So - I told him that I want to find a 5K to run in a few months, and I want him to train me. Of course he agreed, and I'm so happy to have my running partner!

After our run, we had dinner, watched some NCIS on dvd, and then went out to sit on the porch for a few hours. What's not to love about a balmy March evening?

Mr. Smith enjoyed a cigar while I drank a split of champagne. From the bottle. Because I'm classy like that. And also because I didn't want to dirty a glass I'd have to handwash. :)

So, that's that. All in all, a great Friday! I hope that all of you dear readerss have the most fabulous of weekends!

Also - Julie from Wearing Mascara gave me a Sexy Award!!!! I am thrilled! Will write more about this when I'm not blogging from my bberry. Thanks, Julie!

Happy Friday night, everyone!


Jenn said...

i cannot explain how much i love that you drank champagne from the bottle. i don't feel nearly as bad for taking tequila shots in my wedding dress now ;) does your husband motivate you without pissing you off? whenever i try to run with rob, i end up wanting to kill him. any advice?

bianca said...

I've totally drank champagne from the bottle...on more than one occassion. I love it!

Jackie Turner said...

That's the cutest story. I'm glad you found your partner!

kilax said...

My husband used to hate running, but we've been running together since July and now he is ADDICTED! We love doing races together, and just running together in the evening. You are going to have so much fun training!

Lucky in Love said...

How great to be able to run with your husband! I'm always super jealous of those couples :) My hubby is a lazy ass...but he weights like sucks :)

Playful Professional said...

I ran with my husband once, and he got frustrated with how slow I go (I do run pretty slow). We haven't run together (unless it's on side by side treadmills) since. But it is so much better with a buddy.