Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small successes

This morning, I was really craving Starbucks. Instead, I had half an english muffin with some peanut butter and jam.

For some crazy reason...for lunch I was craving McDonald's. A chicken sandwich. Instead, I had a Smart Ones meal.

And yesterday, when I got home from work and was ready to crash for the evening...Mr. Smith and I went running. I made it 1.5 miles on the treadmill - success!

So I'll try not to give myself too hard of a time for not waking up this morning to work out, even though I'm still disappointed. But I wasn't feeling very well last night (my tummy hurt), and to be honest...the thought of waking up early to bounce around with Jillian just didn't sound too attractive.

I go to WW tonight for my weigh-in...and even though I feel like I've done everything right (since last week's weigh-in, I worked out Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), I don't feel like I lost any weight. And that's a total bummer. But you never can tell til you get on that scale. I'll keep you posted.


Lindsey said...

You really do never know until you step on the scale, so you might be happily surprised! And you seem to be doing everything right!!

I cannot do 70 push-ups yet. I got to about 50 and had to stop - my arms were shaking like crazy!

Lucky in Love said...

Good for you...and good luck tonight!!

I finally went to a meeting yesterday! Can you believe it?? :)

That Fresh Feeling said...

Hey there i look forward to reading more of your blog

Wearing Mascara said...

Eh the scale is just numbers. You worked out and you tried! What else can you ask for? You rock!