Thursday, April 23, 2009

The 12 year old me, and...injuries.

Good morning, internet friends! I'm mobile blogging from the waiting room at the neurologist...exciting! Okay, not really.

I will be out of the office all day today, working a business expo for the Chamber of Commerce. Blah. The expo has a theme - "homecoming" - so we all had to dress up. I do not like dressing up. We are all dressed like "cheerleaders" i- and there are quotes around that because the uniform is black warmup pants and a white polo, and it's been awhile since I've seen a cheerleader dress like that. Okay, never.

Anyway! Yesterday afternoon I hung out with my Little Sister, S. As the hours wore on, I had the striking realization that I was hanging out with the 12 year old ME. It was weird! But anyway...we first went to my apartment to pick up Oscar, and we took him to the park for a nice walk. Then we headed to the mall to "window shop," one of her favorite pasttimes.

We went to Aeropostale (awkward aside #1: they had some super cute summer dresses. Please don't tell anyone I just said that), Claire's (awkward aside #2: they had some super cute feather headbands. Please don't tell anyone I said that), the pet store (we held three different puppies) and Old Navy (which was fabulous as always). Then I took her home and couldn't believe that three hours had already passed!

That's when I got the most fabulous text message informing me that my friend Cassie had her baby yesterday afternoon!!! I had spoken to Cassie on Monday, and she was feeling crappy and just so, so ready to have that baby! Her due date wasn't until the 28th, so I'm thrilled that she had little Charles yesterday! Yayayay!

When I got home, Mr. Smith and I went for a run. Not good. I believe I have hurt myself...? Can any of you tell me what a shin splint feels like? I had to stop after 1.5 miles because I was in so much pain. My right leg hurts, in the middle of my calf/shin area on the inside, if that makes sense. When I stopped running, the pain only intensified and I could barely walk back to the apartment! I iced the area stat and it started to feel better. This morning, that leg still hurts all around my ankle when I put weight on it. What is the deal??! Somebody help, please.

Well, that's all for today - I won't be at a computer today so I'll miss reading all your lovely posts - and will be catching up tomorrow.

Happy Almost Friday!!!


The Northerner said...

Hope your appointment goes well!

My shin splints feel more like a dull ache in the front of my leg. Kind of like growing pains, if you remember what those felt like. Your pain sounds a little more serious. I would take it easy for a couple days and see if it improves, if not you may want to get checked out!

katie said...

that sounds like shin splints to me! try doing a calf stretching exercise and it will stretch your shins as well... do it before and after you run and it should feel a little better... along with icing! (I knew all of that softball conditioning would come in handy one day...)

d.a.r. said...

Ice 'em!! And make sure you stretch both before and after you workout. Hope they feel better!

Cristina said...

oh no...shin splints are the worst! Do you follow BB at ? She has some great info on runner's injuries

kilax said...

I second Katie's comment on the shin splint.

I am happy things are going so well with your Little Sister! It sounds like you two are a perfect match.

Congrats to Cassie!

Taryn said...

Oh no! Shin splints hurt like heck! I got them first year of college playing ultimate frisbee. I am so sorry. My parents ended up buying me really nice running shoes and I had to write the alphabet with my toes a million times a day. I hope you can get some rest, and get better!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Hey! I came over from one of my favorite bloggers sites, d.a.r. Hope you don't mind, sounds like you had a great time with your sister. Good luck at the neurologist!

And yes, shin splints hurt so bad! I agree, ice and stretch. I used to get the a lot in high school.

Lucky in Love said...

So glad you had such a nice time with your Little!

Sorry you're hurt! I was hurt for a bit too...took a few days I'm good to go. You're a soldier though :)