Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dog Tag Giveaway Winner!

Well, this was a quick but fun little giveaway. I didn't have too many people enter, which means that your chances of winning were significantly higher! :)

I wrote everyone down on a piece of paper and used random.org to find my winning number. I know that someday, I'll figure out how to make the little random.org box show up on my blog. But until then, it will be a little less...high tech. Let's see who it is, shall we?

Yay! The dog tag goes to Taryn from The Colorado Desert, who said: I would totally get the puppy foot one in green for my parents' dog, Jacques. I love the little guy so much!

Congrats, Taryn! Leave a comment with your email address and we'll get in touch. :)


Lisa said...

Congrats, Taryn!

There might be an easier way, but when I have to post the random number generator, I take a screen shot of the page, then crop the photo down, and voila!

Dugout Daisy said...

Congrats Taryn!

Lucy Marie said...

Boo!! Taryn wins ALL the giveaways. Just kidding, she only won mine. Fine, I'll admit it, I'm just jealous.

Congrats, Taryn.

Mrs. Smith said...

What! I had no idea that Taryn was so lucky! Is she one of those lucky ducks who wins all the giveaways? I'm just wondering, because I never win anything. :)

Lucy Marie said...

No ... I completely misrepresented her there. As far as I know, my giveaway is the first/only one she's one up until today. She's a sweetie and she deserves to win!!!

Mrs. Smith said...

Hahahaha I know, I'm just joking :) Yay Taryn! :)

Taryn said...

Wow- you guys had quite the conversation about me . . . I must admit that I have (now) won three giveaways thus far in my blogging career. But when you think about how many I have entered . . . the stats are- okay okay- you caught me- I can be pretty lucky sometimes. Thanks Mrs. Smith! My address is taryn (dot) johnson (at) gmail (dot) com.

(I hope that makes sense- I already get enough spam.)

I can't wait to tell my parents- I will post some pictures of Jacques and the tag later! Thanks again!