Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overheard from my Office

I LOVE eavesdropping. And I subscribe to the Overheard in the Office blog AND the Eavesdrop DC blog. I think I need to start an Overheard from MY Office record all the crazy stuff I hear high school kids talking about. This is a classic:

Girl #1: Dude, we should start donating plasma. My brother makes like a ton of cash donating his plasma!
Girl #2: But like...don't we like need plasma? Are you supposed to donate it???
Boy: No, it's cool, your body like produces it.
Girl #2: But like...where does it come from?
Boy: Your arm. It's in your blood.
Girl #1: We should donate plasma like every week. Do you think there's a limit on like how much you can donate?
Boy: I don't think so...I be you can donate like twice a week.

*public service announcement: I'm pretty sure they will not let you donate plasma that often. But I'd check with the Red Cross to make sure.


Anonymous said...

LOVE Eavesdrop D.C.! It's amazing the dumb things people say.

katie said...

that's hilarious! i dated a guy in college who was obsessed with donating his plasma... glad that didn't work out!

Lucky in Love said...

Oh geez...high schoolers are nuts!

d.a.r. said...

I love stupid people :) Endless entertainment!

Crazy Shenanigans said...'s people that like that I'm afraid the world is going to become lol

LipstickOne said...


Playful Professional said...

I actually think you can donate that often, for some reason I think my brother does it to pay for the little things his job doesn't (presents for his wife, etc.). I couldn't do it though.