Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Evening...

Well, I flew through The Historian and finished it this evening...all 600-some pages of it! I thought I would write a quick post to say - read this book! It is really interesting, and even more so if you are a history buff!

It was rainy and icky all day today - Mr. Smith and I decided to hit the treadmills instead of run outside. Of course, once we walked over to the gym, all the treadmills were being used. Fabulous. We decided to walk back home, change into outdoor running clothes, and brave the elements.

About one minute - literally - into our run, it started pouring rain, complete with gale-force winds. I don't actually know what that means, gale-force, but they seem to use it a lot on the Weather Channel when describing hurricanes. was freaking windy! Mr. Smith said, even though we were within eyesight of our apartment door, "Oh well, too bad! We're not stopping now that we've started!" and I agreed.

In an instant, the rain started hitting my legs like little daggers. It was extremely painful. And possibly...a bit hail-ish? The wind picked up even more and that was that. I was yelping with surprise and pain...and Mr. Smith suggested we scratch today's run. Agreed! Our main exercise was the sprint back to our front door. We were gone literally about 2-3 minutes, total...and I was drenched and shivering. Not fun!

So, no run today. Boo. Which gives me a bit of anxiety about our rescheduled run tomorrow...since it's now been three full days since our last run. Oh well!

I checked out a beginners guide to training for a 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon from the library the other day - it has some good training plans. I plan on training for the 10k as soon as we're done with the 5k, so I'm getting excited about increasing my mileage as I read! Now that I have finished The Historian, I think I will snuggle up in bed and read the chapter I need the most: Mental Training and Motivation. Good night!


AEO said...

I listened to the Historian on CD in my car- loved it!!

Also, check out Hal Higdon's training programs. I just did my first 10K and loved the training schedule he set up. B has used him for his 4 1/2 marathons and is using the same training for his first marathon this fall. They're VERY doable!

Wearing Mascara said...

WOW you are a speedy reader! LOL :-) I'm glad you enjoyed that book - I think my mom read it.

Don't worry about the run today. Just do it tomorrow and no stressing :-) In my 10 mile training I would miss 2-3 runs sometimes and just picked up where I left off. You can do it! Also, rain running is fun right? I think so but not when it's pouring. I prefer it when it's just a little drizzle. Ok, I'm off to bed! xoxo

Lucky in Love said...

Could you send some motivation my way?? :)

Erin said...

Definitely adding The Historian to my list! Thanks!

I'm edging up to a 10k, too. I'd love to do our city's half-marathon in September!

Jen said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I think I love it ... I've also read The Historian and enjoyed it, and last year I fumbled my way from not having ran a mile since high school to a half marathon ... I'm now training for my third! Don't worry about it ... you'll be FINE if you happen to miss a few runs. :)

kilax said...

What training book have you been reading? You are going to be surprised how easy it is to up your mileage as you follow the plan. You are going to be amazed by what your body can do! :)

I had a 12-miler scheduled for Sunday and it was rainy. I wasn't even brave enough to go outside like you two. Wah. Now I am going to wait until Friday - sunny and high of 78. I am sick of this back and forth weather.

And what does gale force mean anyway? I have always wondered!