Friday, April 10, 2009

Last round of answers for now

Jenn asked:

a) What's your favorite candy? I love candy stores at the mall, the type with all the candy bins where you can go pick a bag and fill it with your choice of delicious gummy candies. I like gummy grapefruits and various other gummy fruit candies. I am like a child.
b) Your favorite color? Blue. And red. And I also like pink. And I'm on a bit of a yellow kick.
c) Favorite movie? Ummmmm wow, this is harder than hard. I am really bad with favorites. I think I'll have to say it's a three-way tie between Love Actually, Monsoon Wedding, and Bend it like Beckham. I absolutely LOVE those three movies and have watched them each a gazillion times. Oddly enough, I only own one of, if you would like to gift me with either Monsoon Wedding or Bend it like Beckham, feel free. :)
d) Favorite flavor of cupcake :) Hmmm. Well, Lisa took me to a cupcake place in Chicago that was fantastic, and I had a boston cream cupcake that was pretty incredible.
e) Favorite vacation spot? For the beach - Costa Rica. For the mountains - Vail, Colorado. For the culture - Rome. For the city - London.
f) If you had $1,000,000 what would you spend it on? First, I would pay off my student loans. :) Then, purchase a cute little bungalow with a fantastic kitchen and lovely furnishings. And perhaps one or two pairs of Louboutins. The rest, of course, would be invested and saved for my unborn childrens' college funds. Sigh.
g) When did you know we would be blog twin soulmates forever? ;) Well, it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment...perhaps when I found out we both get migraines? Or that we both are fabulous? Or that we both honeymooned in Costa Rica? Gosh...the list just goes on and on and on.
h) Favorite Will Ferrell movie? Hmmm, this is another hard one. So many fabulous ones...definitely a tie between Old School and Anchorman. Love both of these movies!
i) Favorite 80's song? Borderline. Madonna.


Jenn said...

thank you for your answers to my questions. my favorite candy is also sour watermelons or grapefruits (natch. why wouldn't it be if it's yours). there's about a bazillion reasons we are blog soulmates, you're right. :)

also borderline. nice pick! i would have said "love is a battlefield" but i would have neglected madonna. nice work.

T i f f a n y said...

I love those candy bins! My favorite is the peach rings. They taste so juicy :)