Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you Fantabulously Frugal?

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to my real-life friend, Lisa of Like a Valentine. Lisa has really been pouring her heart and soul into her new blog, Fantabulously Frugal. It is definitely a must-read for anyone who likes saving money, getting deals, and freebies! And let's face it...who doesn't love all of these things?

Starting Friday, Fantabulously Frugal will be hosting 31 days of giveaways! That's right, one giveaway EACH DAY for the entire month of May. I know, right? Totally amazing.

So, take my advice: go check out Fantabulously Frugal! Subscribe! Become a follower! Lisa finds the most amazing deals and discounts - I promise you won't be disappointed. One free Redbox rental a week? Yes please! Free shipping codes and discount codes for...um, almost everywhere? Yes please!

Seriously, go check it out. Just click on the Fantabulously Frugal button on my sidebar. And enjoy!

1 comment:

Taryn said...

I follow her in a reader- it is awesome. I have gotten so much great stuff!