Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday! And...another answer!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! For those of you who guessed that Kate Spade's Occasions was my library would be correct. What a fabulous little book! I have really been enjoying looking through's definitely a book I'd like to own!

That being said...let's move along to my next question!

Jackie asked: What kind of kids do you work with? Do you like it? I ask because I work with mostly minority disadvantaged children and always wonder what other schools are like.

To be honest, this is a brand-new population for me. The majority of the kids I see here at the high school are caucasian, which is definitely new for me, and very poverty-stricken - but in a much more rural way. This is a very rural, country area, and many of my kids spend their afternoons and weekends working on their family farms - definitely not something I came in contact with in DC! I really feel as though rural poverty is very different than urban poverty. Don't get me wrong - it is certainly still poverty - but it has a very different feel to it. I'm still very new to the rural population, so I'm still feeling things out - but I'd really like my readers' viewpoints on this one!

Previously, I've had experience with a the population you have described above, Jackie - minority, disadvantaged kids. That really describes the type of kids I worked with in foster care. And, when I worked at the hospital, I worked with everyone from homeless veterans to Peace Corps volunteers to Senators and everything in between!

More questions? Ask them!


Jackie said...

Interesting! I bet it is hard working with a rural population because there aren't as many resources available as there are in an urban setting. Good luck with everything!

Cocaine Princess said...

I just now saw your name on my list of followers and I'm not sure how long you've been on there but thank you for visiting my blog. I'll be sure to visit yours.