Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Running!

Are you getting sick of me posting about running yet? I'm sure some of you are!!! Oh well. Tough. :)

Yesterday, Mr. Smith and I ran a new 2.35 mile loop that we found on Have you ever checked out this website? It is really neat! You can look up your area and find a bunch of runs people have already mapped out - and imagine my surprise when I found over 10 pages worth of runs for Bloomington! Most of them are long runs - much longer than I am able to do right now - but I hope to peruse the site more to find gradual runs as I up my mileage.

It was a really great loop, and I must admit - for possibly the first time - that I had fun! Yes, F-U-N. My lung capacity is getting better and better - I used to not be able to talk to Mr. Smith at all during our runs, because I was so out of breath. Last night, we chatted the whole time. And really had a great time! We're going to run that loop again on Friday and then up the mileage next Monday again. Whew! I am not allowing myself to run on the treadmill anymore (unless the weather is extremely inclement), so it will probably be a week or two before I can get back up to three miles - outside. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly (that's a total lie, but even the slightest "hills" seem like mountains when I'm running!!!), so I'm getting a much better workout outside with less mileage.

Last night, I was thinking of all these running questions I wanted to blog about to ask you runners out there...and now, I'm totally drawing a blank! Oh well.

But what I WILL ask you is: tell me your best workout/running songs. I'm trying to make a killer playlist for when I run alone...and I'd love to hear what gets you going!


kilax said...

You know I am not sick of hearing about it! I could talk about running all day long! I love running with my husband and chatting. He mostly lets me do the talking though. Ha ha.

That website sounds really cool! I need to check that out for my area.

I really like to listen to Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, upbeat classic rock... I like a lot of those new "techno-y" songs like "Day and Night" and that Lady Gaga one... I will probably add those to my playlist.

I cannot wait to hear more about your running!

P.S. Wait until you start getting addicted to running blogs. I just have a TON of them in my reader!

Erin said...

I'm not tired of it, either! You really help keep me motivated.

Right now I'm tired of all the music on my iPod, so I've been listening to the radio when I run. The time passes more quickly when they play Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga...but that's just me. I'm not really a Nickelback/The Fray/insert other rock bands here type of girl.

Oh, I do like Kanye's "Stronger" for that last quarter mile ;-)

katie said...

I'm not a runner at all, but my best friend in high school was and her most FAVORITE running song was "Blue". You know... that creepy techno song? She loved the beat to keep up with... just a suggestion.

d.a.r. said...

I LOOOVVVEEE hearing about your running! Seriously, it is so motivating to hear about other people getting out there and reaching new levels/distances! Keep blogging about it :)

I really like upbeat stuff that I can sing to :)

Lucky in Love said...

I'm trying to find new songs too...mine suck!

Congrats on your running!! You are doing fabulous!

I've used that website before...and it's super easy to make your own routes. You should try it sometime!!

Dugout Daisy said...

I'm not sick of reading about it either!!!
I LOVE that site by the way, I use it all the time when I need a new route!
I really love just any up beat songs, 90s pop songs are good and I love running to Queen for some reason, hahaha!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I've never heard of that site, I'll have to check it out!

Playful Professional said...

I posted on my running blog about my , perfect playlist with most of my favorites included so if you need some ideas definitely check it out.

Coach Tief said...

Runners like to hear about running. We're fine with you sharing your stories. Another site with maps and a running log is There is a lot of routes on their too to follow.

Jenn said...

everyone seems to be jumping on the running bandwagon lately. i'm trying but i freaking hate it. :) i also use convenient!

Wearing Mascara said...

YAY for running!!!! I love that website too - it's great! Awesome post (as usual) ;-)