Friday, June 26, 2009


So, after unsuccessfully sleeping in (I woke up at 6:30) and successfully Shredding (I am covered in sweat), I started reading your comments and it looks like I need to explain this apple cider vinegar phenomenon that appears to be sweeping the blogland. 
Whew, that was a long sentance.

I first started reading about the benefits of ACV on Gigi's Gone Shopping.  I had never heard of the health benefits of ACV, so I started doing a fair amount of internet research.  And, wow!  The more I read, the better it sounded.  According to Home Remedies Web, drinking a small amount of ACV twice a day has been known to:

  • Reduce sinus infections and sore throats
  • Balance high cholesterol
  • Cure skin conditions such as acne
  • Protect against food poisoning
  • Fight allergies in both humans and animals
  • Protect muscle fatigue after exercising
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase metabolism which promotes weight loss
  • Improve digestion and cure constipation
  • Alleviate symptoms of arthritis and gout
  • Prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections

So basically, a little bit of everything.  I was intrigued, to be sure.  The more I read, the better it sounded.  The benefits of ACV exist only in organic, unfiltered, raw vinegar.  If you get the clear stuff at the supermarket, it will do absolutely nothing for you.  I picked up a bottle of Bragg's (this seems to be the most highly rated brand) at my local hippie grocery store.  

Fact:  drinking ACV is not fun.  I drink two teaspoons in a large glass of icy cold water, with just a touch of honey.  It tastes like water with just a hint of, you know, vinegar.  I have had three glasses so far since I started, and I must admit that I like it a little less every time!  But I'm hoping that, with time, it becomes more natural.  I am not under the naive impression that all of those lovely health benefits will ring true for my body, but since there are seemingly no side effects, it can't hurt, right?

So.  That's the deal with ACV.

A sidenote:  I am currently watching Good Morning America, and one of the hosts (reporters?) just described Michael Jackson as being a "pre-Obama Obama-esque figure."  I am guessing they were trying to say that he was a big deal, but it just seemed to come out all weird and awkward.


Lucky in Love said...

I was wondering about this whole vinegar thing myself....hope it works out well for you! I on the other hand will not be trying it :) Ha!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I saw that! I thought it was an awkward moment of tv as well!

I don't know if I'm gonna jump on the ACV banwagon just yet....

Jennifer said...

I had never heard of this before, but I'm going to give it a try now!

*~! megs !~* said...

That sounds disgusting! I don't know if that's a trend I'm willing to try... Good luck with it hon!!

Jenn said...

sometimes i use it as salad dressing because of the low calorie content - but i was not aware of those other health benefits. let me know how it works for you and then i'll see how i like it ;)

gigiofca said...

Good research! I added it to the post on my blog.