Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fitness: Day Two!

Just a quick note to make sure I'm logging my food and activities for you.  And for me.  :)

Morning:  Shred, Level 1, Day 2!
Breakfast:  Food for Life english muffin half with peanut butter and preserves

Lunch:  Bagel and cream cheese.  I know, a bad choice.  It was a weakness.
Midday:  30 minute walk around the school with Becky

Evening:  20 minute pilates workout
Dinner:  One WW turkey burger, no bun, with some bbq sauce;  sweet potato fries; tomato slices; and some strawberries with a dollop of fat free Cool Whip

Okay!  So far, so good.  Tomorrow morning - Shredding!  And tomorrow evening is a regular group run at the running store, with my training group.  I'll report back on how the run goes tomorrow night!  And to bed.  I'm exhausted!

*An exciting note - the library just emailed me to say that Eclipse is finally on hold for me!  Whoo hoo!  I know, I know, I am the only person on earth who hasn't yet finished the Twilight series.  But...I have been waiting for Eclipse at the library for THREE MONTHS.  Seriously.  I'm picking it up tomorrow, and am 100% positive that I'll finish it by Friday morning.  Yay!

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Abbie said...

I'm wondering if I should try Shredding myself!! Everyone seems to be talking about it.

And... I haven't read a single Twilight book. :)