Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Running Group = HARDCORE!!!

Well ladies, I am exhausted!  And energized.  All at the same time.  My running group is pretty serious!  I think if I can keep this up for the next two months, I'll be able to take this weight off - and more!

I was a little nervous for the first run, mostly because I was concerned I would be slowest runner.  A valid concern, I think, when the trainer just broke 4 minutes to run a mile in 3:57.  Yeah.  I know.   That's superhuman, if you ask me.  

So, we met out at the IU Cross Country Course.  I immediately made friends with a nice girl who also described herself as a slow runner.  Whew!  She was super nice.  And, just my luck, she is moving away cross-country in August.  Fabulous.  

Oh well.  We did about a 1000 meter warm-up while running down to the main course.  After a little break and some stretching, the plan was to run 5 x 1000 meters.  Whoa.  I was a little nervous, especially considering I haven't run in a few weeks!  I stuck with my buddy and ran the majority of the time, with walk breaks when my cough-from-hell lungs needed a break.  We managed 3 x 1000 before I was exhausted.  And then, we ran up a big hill - three times!  I ran up and walked down the first time, ran up and ran down the second, and then the third, I ran up and then continued walking back to my car.  Whew!  All in all, I was there for an hour.  

So, let's review my day's activities!

Morning:  Jillian Michaels Shred, Level 1
Breakfast:  Half a Food For Life english muffin with peanut butter and jelly

Snack:  Clif Kids twisted fruit in strawberry (have you tried these???!!  yes, they're for kids, but it's a whole serving of fruit and it tastes like candy!  and it's good for you!!!)

Lunch:  1 cup of steamed broccoli with some Smart Balance spread, salt and pepper, Horizon organic strawberry yogurt with some Bear Naked chocolate granola (also known as the best granola on earth)
After lunch:  30 minute walk with my coworker Becky

Evening:  1 hour run/workout with my new running group
Dinner:  Chicken and tofu pad thai I got for free earlier today

So!  Day one - so far, so good.  I feel great!  Although I know I will feel that hilly run tomorrow morning...my butt and thighs are already a little sore!



Brittany Ann said...

Nice work! Go girl!

The Northerner said...

Wow, what an active day! You go Shaina!

jlc said...


i am mucho impressed. keep it up girl! :)

Jenn said...

very impressive. :) you're gonna melt away the pounds in no time!

Meagan said...

Man I need to start too! I wish I could motivate myself. I've done Day 1 of the Shred three times now....haven't made it to day two :(

Erin said...

Awesome first day! I'm totally jealous...and impressed that you didn't end up ROLLING down the hill to your car, which is what I would have done!

AEO said...

Way to go!! What an awesome group. I'd love to find something like that in Chicago!!

Keep it up, Shaina! You are going to be one healthy, strong, and happy girl by the end of the summer!

Lucky in Love said...

That day rocks!!!

I'm so glad you are enjoying your running group. What great motivation that is!

Lucy Marie said...

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Calling the trainer a superhuman, sounds like YOU were a superhuman yesterday!!


kilax said...

That sounds like an awesome workout! I am jealous of your hills. Good work! :)