Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An appeal for new reading material

Hello, bloggers. I need your help.

Somehow, the majority of the 158 blogs on my Google Reader subscription are (super fun) blogs written by {super fun} Southern and/or conservative women. I'm not exactly sure how that happened, seeing as how I am a midwestern moderate-liberal. Setting our differences aside, I still love reading their (your!) blogs and do so, lovingly, daily.

That being said...I'd love to find some good midwestern blogs. Extra points for those bloggers in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. Can you help? Do you read any great blogs that hail from the midwest? If so, please let me know. Lisa and I have been on the hunt, and both of us have come up empty.



Anonymous said...

This is so random but is a blogger in Indianapolis, if you're interested?

Jenn said...

you already know me - but i'm chicago born and raised. now stuck in milwaukee, wisconsin :)

Taryn said...

I am in Colorado (which I consider southern as I am from MN). I know one girl from Indiana (domesticdivasfancy), you already know Lindsey from MI, arecordofrose is from Iowa, loriandjim1 are from MI, kraesc is from IL, and chocolateandsunshine is from Indiana. There are some other CO blogs that follow me, or are on my blog roll- I don't know if you consider CO southern. (The names I gave you are the blog addresses of the blogs- most of theme follow my blog- so if doesn't work you can come there and get the links.) I hope you can find some more Midwestern blogs you like- it is no fun to see all their warm weather in the winter! = )