Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kids amaze me

I just had a meeting with a high school student who is having trouble doing his homework. Not so much having trouble as...just not doing it. Never remembering to do it in the first place.

I say, "I know this probably sounds silly, but...have you tried writing down your assignments? a planner? Or maybe on a piece of paper you keep folded up in your pocket?"

*blank stare*

He says, "Hmmm. No, that never occurred to me. I guess I can try that."

Ta da! Job complete. Am I the only one who was taught - at a young age - to write everything down so as to not forget???


Tickled Pink And Green said...

You have to wonder how someone like that even gets up and gets dressed in the

A. said...

I am a compulsive list-maker. I don't know how I'd function without them!

BTW, thanks for the tip about Kaiser. We were thinking that, if it was something very serious, we'd be in trouble. And your comment confirmed that!

katie said...

haha that's great! my fiance is a teacher so i get to hear hilarious stories like that all the time!