Friday, February 20, 2009

Bathtub blogging

Happy Friday night, y'all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the first night of the weekend. This evening, I came home from work and was so thrilled to see that dinner was ready! Because I had already made it this morning, pre-work, and it had been cooking in the slow cooker all day. Can I just tell you how amazing slow cookers are? More on that later.

Mr. Smith and I ate dinner and watched the movie Wall-E. Who has seen this? I'm not so sure about the husband, but I freaking LOVED it! I really thought it was adorable beyond words.

We then ran over to Blockbuster to trade in Wall-E for the first season of NCIS. Sadly, we were informed that we were a day too early for our trade-in and we left emptyhanded.

Do any of you have the Blockbuster version of Netflix? We've had it for awhile, and I love it - mostly because you get a certain number of free trade-ins each month. And - do you know that you can trade in one movie, and get an entire season of a tv show on dvd? Like...if we had our free trade in, we would have rented the whole season of NCIS - for free!

Anyway. Sorry to ramble, but things like that are exciting to a girl who hasn't had cable in three years and solely watches things on dvd!

So...our Friday night was pretty low-key. Mr. Smith is in bed reading now, and...well, ladies, I'm soaking in the tub. Blogging from my blackberry. Don't judge!

Tomorrow I'm bowling at a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Indiana. Wish me luck - I haven't bowled since eighth grade!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Casey said...

That Blockbuster thing sounds cool! Over here we only have NetFlix of course, but I might try that one when we get back!

We loved Wall-E too by the way! It was so cute!

Taryn said...

Love Wall-E. It is one of my new favorite movies actually. So cute. Plus great music.

Jennifer said...

Wall-E is so adorable, but I did not like his little insect friend. I had to seriously will myself not to let that little friend ruin the movie for me. Ick.