Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Movie review: BRIDE WARS!

Well ladies, I went to see Bride Wars last night - and was it ever fabulous! My lovely readers who commented yesterday giving suggestions for what movie to see were, for the most part, torn - and several had not seen any of the three possible movies but wanted a review of whatever I saw.

So, here it is! I LOVED BRIDE WARS. As a recent bride myself, I am still very much in love with all things bridal and wedding - despite the fact that I am thrilled that my OWN wedding planning is finished! There's just something about seeing pretty wedding things - isn't there? I have been wanting to see Bride Wars long before Confessions and He's Just Not That Into You popped up, so I decided to stick to my guns and see a movie full of pretty wedding dresses. Girls, this movie did not disappoint! I laughed, I cried, I laughed again. And then I cried one last time.

The movie begins with Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) as children, having tea at the Plaza in June. They happen to see a bride and groom who had just been married - and from that day on, both girls made it their dream to get married at the Plaza in June. When, as adults, both Emma and Liv get engaged within days of each other (and obviously plan on being each others' Maids of Honor), they go together to an appointment with the premier wedding planner in the area. You've seen the previews - you know what happens next. Through a clerical error, both weddings are scheduled on the same day, in June, at the Plaza.

What results is an all-out battle between the former best friends. There are lots of personal attacks, hilarious beauty problems (think...over tanning and unfortunate hair color!), and of course culminates in a full-on girl fight, complete with wedding attire.

Things I loved: pretty things. Liv's amazing Vera Wang dress made me wonder if I should have tried on a ballgown when I went dress shopping. It is so. freaking. amazing. I also enjoyed the twist near the end that, to be honest, I wasn't totally expecting. Well okay, I kind of was! I don't want to give anything away for my readers who haven't seen it yet!

Things I thought were unrealistic: the fact that both girls booked their June weddings at the Plaza...only three months in advance. Yes, that's right, they got engaged and then both planned a massive wedding - AT THE PLAZA - in three months. Now, ladies, please. I just got married with an eight month engagement - and that was pushing it. I'd especially like to know how Liv procured her amazing Vera Wang dress in such a short amount of time. And I would also like to know how Emma, a modest junior high teacher, was able to afford a wedding at the Plaza. In the movie, of course, she said she had been saving for ten years. I'm thinking that unless she was saving thousands upon thousands of dollars annually...there is still no way she could have afforded a Plaza wedding. But, who knows.

In conclusion, SEE THIS MOVIE. I absolutely loved it! And I would most definitely see it again, asap.


katie said...

I have GOT to go see this!!

Taryn said...

Thanks for the review. I love your comments about the $. You are right- teachers may have to be saving their entire paychecks to get married somewhere like that! I will have to see it soon . . .

kilax said...

Three months in advance? Ha!

I really want to see this! I love Anne Hathaway. I wanted to see Rachel Getting Married also.

What plaza is it? In Kansas City, or somewhere else?