Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awkward food review: Banquet Chicken Nuggets

I got home from work this afternoon and felt another killer migraine coming on. What is WITH me lately? I popped my magical migraine pill and instantly got into bed and covered my face with the nearest sweater (I absolutely CANNOT deal with light when I have a headache, and our bedroom is surprisingly bright - even with the blinds closed!). It was dinner time, and Mr. Smith came over, lifted up the corner of my sweater/eye mask, and wanted to know if I wanted to eat dinner. I said no...and told him to heat up some leftovers or something.

15ish minutes later, the most glorious smell wafted past my nostrils. And usually...food doesn't sound so great to me when I'm all migrained-up. When the worst had passed, I rolled out of bed and wandered into the living room. "What did you eat for dinner?" I asked Mr. Smith. "I just made some chicken nuggets," he replied.

Note: lately, I haven't been home from work before he leaves for his evening classes. I purchased him some college-boy food to make on these evenings when I cannot prepare a fabulous feast. So...basically I got a bag of chicken nuggets and some frozen pizzas for him.

He left for class a few moments later, and...I wandered into the kitchen, opened up the freezer, and stared at the bag of chicken nuggets. Seconds later, I was preheating the oven.

Girls, I don't know how they do it...but those chicken nuggets were GOOD. I mean, ridiculously, deliciously good. So good that I would make more right now, but don't feel like going through the hassle of turning the oven back on and all that jazz. I had them with honey (my favorite natural antioxidant! I think the honey made the nuggets healthy!) and I was basically in heaven. Amazingly crunchy on the outside, nice and...chicken-y on the inside.

I'm sold. Run out to your nearest Kroger and embrace the inner college student in you, asap!


Jenn said...

ooo love it! i love chicken nuggets! who would have thought they'd be so good? i'll have to grab some for my husband (and self) as well! i feel ya on the migraine thing - i have been getting them almost nightly behind my eyes. UGH.

kilax said...

There's something fun about eating chicken nuggets, isn't there? I love the vegetarian ones from Trader Joe's. It's hard to eat only one serving!

Hope your head feels better soon. Migraines are the worst.

Dugout Daisy said...

If they are better than or equal to the great taste of Wendy's chicken nuggets then I am ALL OVER IT!
I can't wait to buy them and eat them all up!


Mrs. Smith said...

Wow - I didn't think I'd get so many quick comments about chicken nuggets! And yeah...I totally have four more in the oven right now! :)

Lucky in Love said...

Hilarious...my hubby is partial to Tyson...but chicken nuggets nonetheless :)

katie said...

as far as the migraines go... you might have a food allergy. i had frequent migraines, my (alternative) doctor told me i was allergic to corn and now i don't have them!

Playful Professional said...

I can't have college-boy food in my apartment or I eat it all. Frozen chicken nuggets, pizza rolls. You name it, and I love it.