Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open letter to my mysterious readers

Dear Readers-Who-Do-Not-Make-Themselves-Known,

Hi! How are you? This is Mrs. Smith, author of the blog you're currently reading.

My big question to you is...who are you? I just noticed that my profile has been viewed 603 times. Last time I checked, in the beginning of January, it had only been viewed 42 times.

I have twelve wonderful, loyal followers.

The numbers just don't add up. Are those twelve people the only ones reading my blog every day? Something tells me there are more of you!

So please, pull up a chair. Introduce yourself. Say hello. Let me know who you are! I'd love to meet you and read your blog.

Looking forward to our new friendship!

Mrs. Smith


Jenn said...

good luck :) people do not like to de-lurk themselves for some reason. maybe they are scared. it's ok. we do not bite!! :) happy wednesday blog twin!

Casey said...

I hate lurkers, so I will de-lurk. Although, I think being a follower means I never lurked. Hmmm.

I viewed your profile because you made a comment or followed my blog I think. Maybe that's where the views are coming from?

Mrs. Hibit said...

I've been reading and leaving the occasional comment, but hadn't become a follower until this moment. So, there ya go!
I'm not sure how I found you in the first place, but I definitely appreciate a liberal midwestern girl when I find one!

kilax said...

Hee hee. It seems there are always so many lurkers than commenters!

I am Kim. I just started reading yesterday. I am 24, married and work in Chicago, doing architecture for the Federal Government. :)

Meagan said...

Hello Mrs. Smith....thank you for your introduction. I happened on your blog and it is a great read! I didn't want to be a so-called "lurker" and wanted to follow your blog and introduce myself!