Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding photo fun

I am currently in the not-so-fun process of picking photos for my wedding album.  This sucks.  It is relatively excruciating and I cannot WAIT to finish.  Of course, I am procrastinating...and therefore blogging.  

Here's the main problem, ladies:  I initially was led to believe that I had to provide 240 photos for the album.  Ummm...that's a lot.  I spent about a week (yes, a week.  literally) choosing the photos, and finally got all the way to 230.  This morning, I touched base with my photographer to ask him a question about the album design...and that's when he informed me that, no, 240 photos was way too many - I could only submit about 120.  

Which means...I had to cut my number in half.  This sucks even more.  I am basically done choosing the photos...but now I have to type up all 120 image file numbers (which makes me super nervous that I'm typing the wrong numbers, and therefore I have to constantly check and recheck everything).  

So...clearly, time for a break.  Seeing all of my pretty wedding photos made me want to share some of my absolute faves with you.  Isn't that always how it goes?  Without further ado, here are some snapshots of my oh-so-fab wedding day:

Gracefully posed by the photographer.  He had to force my body to look that just isn't natural for me.

I love this photo!  This was when my bridesmaids were trying to figure out how to bustle my dress.  It makes me laugh every time!

My parents and I.  Don't they look fantastic??!!

Four of my very favorite people!  

I absolutely love this photo of Mr. Smith and my mom right before the ceremony started!

Pretending I wasn't crying

I love this photo of my girls laughing during the ceremony.  We were married by my favorite college professor, and the ceremony was absolutely hysterical.  I loved seeing people laugh out loud during a wedding!

Yay!  Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

This photo really touches me.  It was taken immediately after the ceremony.

Some pretty portraits...

November in Michigan is COLD, people!

First dance

"Dancing" with my new niece

Taking the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry to a whole new level...GO BLUE!!!

Good night!

All photos taken by Patrick Abel of Special Moments Photography in Plymouth, Michigan.  He is the best photographer EVER and if you are getting married in Michigan, HIRE HIM!!!


bevLY said...

your mother had the best mother-of-the-bride outfit i've ever seen. :)

Jenn said...

first of all look gorgeous! i love your dress!! secondly...and this should come as no surprise at all, but the bridesmaid dresses your bridesmaids are wearing...j.crew right? :) why do i know this? because i gave my bridesmaids the choices of the EXACT same ones (only in black) and by some ridiculous miracle of God - all 8 of them actually picked the same one. Which one? Only the Lydia halter dress that your bridesmaid all the way on the right is wearing in the pic of you with the 4 of them. But as I said...this should come as no surprise to you, blog twin.

Lucky in Love said...

Such pretty pictures...the ceremony looked so beautiful!! What a great setting for a wedding...

I love the garters :) I'm a Boilermaker myself...but...I digress :)

A. said...

Gorgeous photos! I can't imagine how difficult it's going to be to wittle them down to 120!

the undomesticated wife said...

Beautiful photos! I love your is so old-school Hollywood glam...awesome!

Abbie said...

Great pics! Your smile is huge in the photos!

katie said...

these are great!

MissBliss said...

Your black and white shots are awesome!

That is so cool that your prof. married you; I teach college, too.

I had students at our ceremony, including an art student photog. who took great shots and we got them all on CD.

I am also wearing a brown bridesmaid dress in May for my little sister's wedding.

I suppose I have to curtail the chocolate at some point...

My favorite picture is one of the black and whites with the full floor shot; you are in the distance... it is so sweet.

Good luck on the winnowing...

Candice said...

Your pictures are Soooo Beautiful! I cried looking at them :)