Monday, February 23, 2009

Skin care jackpot

Remember how I wanted some ideas for new skincare products the other day? Well, I decided to stop by my local Clinique counter on Saturday to get a skin consultation. To recap...I have extreme combination skin. I have struggled with acne for most of my adult (and pre-adult) life. I've been using Proactiv since college, and while it mostly works, now that I'm getting older I feel like it's sucking all of the moisture out of my skin. When I'm not breaking out, my skin can be extremely dry, flaky, and itchy. Not fun! I have used some Clinique products here and there throughout the years, never with a ton of success. However, my mom has used Clinique products for several years, and her skin always looks amazing. So I thought I would give it another shot.

I had an okay consultation with one of the Clinique ladies. We argued a bit, because she didn't think I needed the acne product line, nor did she actually think I had acne. I kind of thought I knew better than her on this one, seeing as how she had just met me...and I've known me my entire life. Here is what I ended up with:
For cleanser, I purchased the Clinique acne solutions cleansing foam. It feels velvety soft and smooth, and it hasn't yet dried out my skin. So far, so good! For my second step, I ended up with:
Clinique clarifying lotion #2. This works as an exfoliator...I believe the last time I tried Clinique, I had the #3, which was too drying. When I use this product, my skin feels all tingly and fresh. And, according to the bottle...if you feel the tingle, you know it's working!

The most difficult decision was the moisturizer. I demand a lot from moisturizers - I need it to be light enough that it won't make me break out, but heavy enough to sink in and actually moisturize. I need it to have an SPF of 20 or above to shield my alabaster skin from the damaging rays of the sun. :) And - I wanted it to have something to do with preventing/correcting fine lines, etc. LADIES, I FOUND THE WORLD'S BEST MOISTURIZER AT CLINIQUE. Meet my new best friend:

Clinique superdefense moisturizer with SPF 25, in "combination oily to oily." This is pulled directly from the Clinique website: "Skin's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturizer. Arms it to fight the effects of emotional stress, which can damage skin with effects much like sun and pollution. Helps neutralize UVA and UVB."

I know it has only been about two days since I've used these skincare products, but ladies - I instantly noticed a visible difference in my skin. It is softer, smoother, and has a much more even tone. I feel good because the SPF 25 is protecting my skin from the sun, and...there is no other way to say it. My skin has never felt this soft and smooth! The moisturizer was pricey for me ($42.50...which is a lot of money for skincare!) but I could not be more thrilled with the results. Wow!

I got a free gift with my purchase, which included a sample size of this:

Clinique turnaround concentrate visible skin renewer. Okay, I have to admit that I had no idea what it I went online and looked at the website. says that it is a "High-performance cocktail of exfoliating ingredients" which "prompts a renewal process that is multilevel, time-released. Speeds fresh cells to the surface. Continually unveils brighter, more radiant skin. Leaves skin with a velvety feel and a perfected look." Okay. So, I still don't completely understand what it is, but there are 11 pages of reviews from women claiming that this is the most incredible product ever. It apparently fixes all skin problems - blemishes, lines, spots, scars, redness, anything and everything. I put it on yesterday and my skin felt even smoother! With a really pretty matte finish. I cannot afford to pick up another product right now, but after my skin gets the hang of its new Clinique products, I may have to add it to the regime!

So, there you have it. Please note that I am not an employee of Clinique, nor are they compensating me in any way for this entry. But gosh, I wish they would! Clinique, if you're reading, I'll happily be a spokeswoman!

Girls, drop everything and run to your nearest Clinique counter! You won't regret it!


Jenn said...

ooo thanks for the review! i need to go spend that gift card from hubby that i got for v-day, so i might stop at the clinique counter in the macy's!! i'm so glad to hear your good review - i need HELP :)

also - no idea why it wont let you add yourself as a follower to my blog...apparently blogger hates me. maybe it's something with your web browser you're using?

bevLY said...

i use 2/3 of the products you listed. i've used clinique every day for the past 14 years now, and i still love it! :) glad you found stuff that works.